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Our Mission

The Alkebulan Trust aim is to empower Africans & Caribbeans in Africa & The Caribbean diaspora. Through the power of education. We believe in the old African Proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" Resulting in a true unity.   

Our Vision

- Rebuild the healthcare in the diaspora

- Rebuild the education system in the diaspora

- Rebuild the economic system in the diaspora

"You can sit or stand typing on Social Media about the problems in our community. Or you can help with the solutions. The choice is yours." 

- Raphael Onochie, Executive Director 

Break The Cycle Of Destruction 

We very much appreciate all the support that you have been giving us since October 2014. We strive to make a real change in the African & Caribbean diaspora. How we aim to do this is by doing workshops. The first set of workshops will be for 16-25 years old in London, UK. By donating now you are helping break the cycle of destruction. 

The Alkebulan Trust is an Organization registered in England and Wales as a Limited Companyreg No. (10881260).


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