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The Alkebulan Trust, co-founded by Raphael Onochie and John Obayuwana in October 2014. Registered as The Alkebulan T as a Limited by Guarantee in England and Wales. Our registration number is: 09284882. Then re-registered under the name Na Alkebulan Ntukwasi Obi Ltd in England and Wales, with the registration number: 10881260. Although we are registered as a Limited company, we still will run this organisation like a non profit organisation.

We are a 100% volunteered based, Non-Profit Organization. Rebuilding the infrastructure in Africa, beginning with the Education and Healthcare system. Due to the large task at hand, we are beginning with, workshops in London, United Kingdom.

Our slogan is "Every Life Matters". What we mean by this is not only our people are being damaged, but also our animals are constantly being poached. We must protect our people and animals. The only way is through the power of education.

It is due to the poor education system, that leads into poor self-development and a poor economy system, where the cycle continues. Which is why many try and flee to the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, and Germany...etc. Those who were brought up in those countries do not see Africa as their home nor have the incentive to even want to truly visit. 

To end this cycle, the only way is by redeveloping their mindset through the power of the right education. Only then the economy can truly prosper. Also through the right education, comes sustaining their health.

Meet Our Team

Raphael Onochie 

Founder and executive director since October 2014. Raphael acts as the main representative and delegates fundraising opportunities.  

Executive Director 

John Obayuwana 


The Alkebulan Trust is an Organization registered in England and Wales as a Limited Company reg No. (10881260).

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