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Why become a Local Member?

A Local Member in just a few words is someone who is championing our goals/leading the way in their local area. What comes with this territory is a responsibility. It is very important that you have a DBS certificate before applying. 

The reason why you should become a Local Member is because this is a genuine good cause and you are helping the future of Alkebulan (Africa). This is a Non-Profit Organization that is actually tackling the root and taking the necessary action which being a member you can experience. Even if you decide not to become a Local Member you will still notified on the work that is being done.

Another reason is becoming a Local Member you can use us as a reference and mentioning in your CV or Cover Letter when looking for a job or applying for a course at college or university, it will make you stand out. 

The other bonus is you grow as a person and learn new things, regardless of your age and experience.

What do I has a Local Member?

A Local Member does a variety of tasks. 

- Put on fundraising events.

- Meet with other locals who want to put on fundraising events.

- Give fundraising materials to the other locals who are putting on the event.

- Attend other fundraising events.

- Collect the funds and fund-raising materials and sends them to us.

As Local Member you will be listed in the Local Members Directory and will be given a custom e-mail address.

How do I become a Local Member?

To become a Local Member all you have to do is subscribe by either paying £10.00 monthly or £120.00 yearly. All subscription fees go towards administration costs, resources toward rebuilding the education and health care system and research. Before you apply please make sure that you have a DBS certificate, if we do a check and it is not up to our standard we have the right to cancel your subscription. You will be notified, we have to comply with the Law of the Land.

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