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What is a Sponsor/Ambassador?

A sponsor/ambassador is someone who is the face and voice of the organization. We are looking for people with a level of influence, bringing more awareness to our campaigns. 

What do Sponsors/Ambassadors do?

As a Sponsor/Ambassador it is your job to advertise and show us in a good light. You effectively promote our cause to your followers and potential new followers. Normally Sponsors' can be artists, and any form of entertainers, whether you are local or an A-list. Also being a Sponsor/Ambassador you can see first hand where the money is going to as well as contribute some money towards our campaign.

How do I apply to become a Sponsor/Ambassador?

You can apply by filling out the form below. When done we will get back to you via phone call or e-mail. Please check your spam box as our messages can be sent there depending on your email provider.

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