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Giving just £2, or £5, or £10, or £20, or £50, or any amount you can afford whether monthly or as a one off can help tackle employment issues. Especially among young Black people. You can help deter them from getting groomed into becoming part of gangs, that only ends through years in prison or dead before they hit 20 or 21. You could cover the costs of helping those already involved in that lifestyle of selling drugs to getting counselling and being employed by us or another organization. This way you are helping increase their life expectancy. 

You will also be helping Black people on living in poverty to be able to visit African and Caribbean countries and see that there is more to life than the local estate that they live on. 

In addition you will be helping Africans and Caribbeans in those countries a fighting chance out of poverty.

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We are thankful for the continued generosity you supporters show us. We understand sometimes circumstances change.

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