6 Week Training Series from The Alkebulan Trust:

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What You Will Discover In The Alkebulan Trust's 

5 Week Empowering You Training Series:

Week 1:

The SECRETS To Healthy Balanced Relationships Will Finally Be REVEALED To You

Plus...A Full Complete Breakdown Of Roles And Traits Of A Man And Woman And Why It Is Important Why You Must Know This And Why You Wasn't Taught

Week 2:

Powerful Insightful Information On How To Build And Maintain Relationships. With EASY Steps To Follow And Implement

Plus...How To Leverage To Use Of Your Sexual Energy And Get More Of What You Want In Your Life

Week 3:

The Alkebulan Trust Will Give You The Top Secrets On How To Teach Your Children About Sex. So That They DO NOT Become A Victim Or An Abuser

Plus...Tips On How To Be A Parent Helping You Avoid The WRONG Things (That Will Cost You Your Relationship With Your Children Especially When They Become Adults They Will Avoid You!)

Week 4:

The Most EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL Ways Of Being A Parent. All The Things That Are NOT Taught To You

Plus...The Truth Uncensored On Healthcare And Money Management That You Won't Learn Anywhere Else In The World

Week 5:

The SOLUTIONS To Every Single Financial Crisis That You Have. An Easy Simple Guide For You To Follow And Implement. So You Can NO LONGER Have Any Financial Problems Ever Again

Plus...You Get Information On African History That Is Hidden Away From You

Week 6:

True African History That Was Never Meant To Be Shown To You. To Help With Your Growth And Maintenance

Plus...A Deeper Look Into Career And Business. The Type That Will Give You The Type Of Success That You Want

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