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It is important to know who are running an Non-Profit Organization with goals of this magnitude, so they are held accountable for failures or success.

Raphael Onochie founded The Alkebulan Trust in 2014. As the Executive Director his role is to oversee the operations of The Alkebulan Trust. Ensuring that every project is done and completed in an efficient way. He will also be doing fund-raising himself, doing door-to-door. As this a new non-profit organization he will be putting all the necessary work. Gathering Board of Directors, setting up meetings to discuss the short-term and long-term aspects. 

The reason Raphael Onochie founded The Alkebulan Trust is because he was growing concern about the way Africa is being presented in the Western world. Which is the part of the world he lives. Although born and raised in the UK, Raphael holds Africa close to his heart. He quickly realized that many charities were not really helping Africa grow and doing their main intentions. Also he realized why the Western world have gotten away with exploiting the continent. Education is a vital tool in life, and if you are not taught the right set of skills you can be taken advantaged of. Raphael spoke with a family member who lives out in Nigeria and his first idea was to rebuild hospitals but in was told it is not just the hospitals that need resolving it is the infrastructure. Raphael is willing to do what it takes to see Africa and The Caribbean back to their former glory.


John Obayuwana

Executive Director 

John is an IT technical specialist. He sits on the Board of Directors, and is responsible for decision-making. Being of Nigerian heritage he feels that is only right that Africa has whole should be independent than depend on Western aid. 

His knowledge and experience will proof to be vital, especially when we start rebuilding in Nigeria. 

The Alkebulan Trust is an Organization registered in England and Wales as a Limited Company reg No. (10881260).



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