Open Mic Night

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How can a open mic night help?

Like any other methods or raising funds, it does just that. You have the freedom to choose where the funds will be allocated. The options are Administration costs, resources for rebuilding the education system, resources for rebuilding the healthcare system or for researching. This is also a nice opportunity to be entertained and see some local talent. You never know you could be hosting a soon be celebrity. 

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Pick a date, time and venue. Ideally it should be a venue that is easily accessible and a time when most people are not working or studying. Weekends are usually best.

Step 2: Decide whether you would want music, poetry or a variety of talents. This is important for when you promote the event. The wrong audience could get bored easily and leave quickly. Whereas the right audience would feel entertained and would be willing to come to another open mic showcase.

Step 3: Get the equipment. If you have friends who are into sound and lighting they could be of use. If not there are places where you either buy or rent.

Step 4: Find the talent. Local talent you can find at other open mic nights or search online. However we suggest face-to-face is better. You would sense if they would be a fit for the event you're putting on.

Step 5: Have a check-list. Make sure everything is in place first before you start promoting. Arrange with your Local Member for fundraising materials.

Step 6: Generate tickets which you can sell online or on the door. 

Step 7: Start promoting. If you have hired a local community hall then you could insist for the local council to help with promoting to their residents. 

Step 8: Enjoy the show and arrange with your Local Member to collect the funds raised.

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