Fundraising Ideas

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Here are a few ideas that suit you and how you can get started.

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Putting on a Bingo night, is a great way of raising funds. Whereas you may not win any personal prize, money raised can go towards administration costs. 

Bucket Collection

This form of raising funds can be fun. Especially in the Spring and Summer. Depending on the location you choose and the duration money can go towards building materials and other costs.

Bakery Sale

This is a brilliant idea for those who like to bake cakes. Everyone loves a bit of bakery. Depending on the location of where you sale, you could raise enough to add to the costs of buying land and other expenses. 

Coffee Morning

This type of fundraising does not necessarily need to be done in the morning. It can be done in the late afternoon as well. It is a great way to socialize and catch up with local people in your area. 


Football is a beloved sport in the United Kingdom, everyone who likes playing would grab a chance if they could to show of any skill they may have. But most importantly you keep fit in the process and funds raised can be significant. Which would mean a great deal.

Other Sports

Sports are a great way to keep fit and healthy and raise money. There are a number of sports that you could do either has part of a team or individually.


There are different types of parties you can hold to raise funds. As we have mentioned before the aim is having fun raising funds. Everybody loves a good party here and there.

Open Mic Night

Open Mic Nights or Talent Contest are fantastic. Not only do you get a chance to support and see local talent but your raising money in the process. Depending on a variety of things you could raise a substantial amount. 

Other Sports

There are many other sports you could take part in either has part of a team or competing against someone. The other alternative is you could just put in the sporting event.

Sponsored Silence 

This is a superb way to raise funds. Especially if you talk a lot or swear a lot. 

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